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Promoting and supporting safe cycling around Raleigh and across North Carolina

About NCBC
North Carolina Bicycle Club (NCBC) 
Our Mission:
Promote bicycling through recreational, utilitarian and competitive activities, educate about safety 
and encourage the adherence to motor vehicle laws while building relationships of bicyclists locally and nationally.

Our Objectives:
Support regional bike events with resources and supplies
Promote regional bike events
Host education events regarding ride safety and ride resources
Provide insurance for other bike clubs
Support local philanthrophies

We are a 501(c)(4) Non-Profit Organization

2023 Summer Rally - Registration & Volunteer Sign-Up are OPEN

Sunday, August 13th
Harris Environmental & Energy Center

Fully supported routes from 8am-2pm
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Why join NCBC?

By joining NCBC, you begin promoting and supporting cycling in the Wake County/Triangle Area through many behind the scenes activities like:  

NCBC Supports Local Club Events
NCBC assists with low cost insurance bundling to help reduce cost for charity events
- NCBC has rest stop equipment/tables/coolers/chairs, route signs, grill, tents, trash cans, bike racks, ... for local clubs to borrow for charity event rides.
- NCBC supports "pay it forward" for unused/unopened ride event supplies by providing storage and communication to the next charity ride.

For more information contact:   

NCBC promotes bicycling safety & community engagement
- NCBC provides cycling education sessions
- NCBC advocates for safe cycling by financially supporting organizations like BikeWalkNC, Raven Rock Ramble
- NCBC supports charity events tied to our cycling community to apply 
contact: ncbcinfo@ncbikeclub.net 

NCBC Ride with GPS Club Account
Access premium Ride with GPS features such as turn-by-turn navigation and route exporting through the NCBC club account.

Thanks to Alex Gay for sharing features and tips of Ride With GPS.  Many of the elements he covered can be found in the Help Center on the Ride with GPS app.  Here is a link to tips for Ride with GPS:

Bike Travel Cases for Rent
NCBC has good hard-shell bike travel cases for rent to members. The fee is $1 per day with a refundable $200 deposit. The charges for late drop-off and for canceling a reservation less than one month in advance are both $25.

To reserve a case contact: Sandy Fowler 919-801-3797 (before 10 pm)

The cases are Performance Cargo Cases with specs: Wt: 30 lbs. Dimension: 47-½” x 30-½” x 10-½”.

You will need to remove your seat, handlebars, any racks, during packaging.

Check your airline’s website to get the maximum allowed weight and dimensions and any applicable charges.

A couple of references regarding travel with bicycles:

NCBC Member Discounts
Don’t forget to ask for the discount that is available to club members at area bicycle shops.  

Ride with GPS Club Account

NCBC has a club membership with Ride with GPS, which gives NCBC members free access to the premier features of their web site and smartphone app. To utilize these features, follow these steps:

  1. Open RideWithGPS.com and register as a user (choose a basic account, which is free)
  2. Authorize yourself to the NCBC club account by opening this link and signing in with your Ride with GPS username and password (created in the above step)
  3. After signing in you should see the NCBC logo on the left-hand side of the Home page. Click the NCBC logo and you will be in the NCBC club section.
  4. To create routes in the club library, click the “Sign Into Club” button on the NCBC club page. The banner will turn yellow, indicating you are operating as a club user (as opposed to your private account) Note: You must be authorized by an NCBC admin to create club routes. You will be notified by email when this step is complete.
  5. If you already have the Ride with GPS app installed, uninstall it from your smartphone
  6. Install the Ride with GPS app from your respective app store
  7. Log into Ride with GPS from the app. Click the options menu in the upper-left corner and select Club Routes.
  8. In the list of club routes displayed, select the route you want to use.
  9. When the route is open, click on the options menu in the upper-right corner to access premier features such as Ride ThisDownloadNavigate to Start, and Show My Location.

Pertinent Ride with GPS help pages and videos:

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